Beach House Collection

Over time, the white sand under your feet on the beach has gently polished the white-painted oak floor, creating a lovely vibrant surface.


Oak Beach House White is a splendid combination of the casual and luxurious South Hampton, the traditional rural mansion floor with patina and the classic Scandinavian interior decoration with light colors. Oak Beach House White is always unique. Each floorboard is unlike any other, because it is brushed to create an individual. Therefore you will never find a similar floor anywhere. Oak Beach House White floor gives your home a unique and casual style. This floor does not mind scratches and dents – they are part of its charm!

Only a small part of the floor is shown in the pictures. Note that wood is a nature material, the shades and grain patterns always have natural variation. Due to the changes in screen color settings, image does not fully correspond with the real color of the product.